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Aquatic Invasive Species











2019 AIS Inspections Results                  as of 9/6/2020

Click here to see 2019 AIS chart that was prepared by Aitkin County Soil & Water Conservation District.

2018 AIS Inspections and Background Data                                        

Click here to view report presented by Greg Anderson and Bill Haroldson (Board Members) at the 2019 annual meeting.

Curly-Leaf Pondweed

Curly-leaf (sometimes called curly-leaf pondweed) is an Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) that was introduced into our area lakes around 1910 and can probably not be eradicated.  It grows in the winter-time; and when there is not a lot of snow, you get more curly-leaf.  Since about 2014 our past years’ winter conditions have been perfect for the growth of curly-leaf, unfortunately. The best time for removal of curly-leaf is within weeks of when the ice melts.   Trying to harvest the weeds in the spring and summer merely spreads the seeds around.


There are certain areas of Farm Island Lake that have curly-leaf.  The FILIA Board Members ask that people with curly-leaf work together to determine any action taken.

The MN DNR has a section on their website devoted to Aquatic Invasive Species - Programs, Reports, and Partners. Click here to learn more. Contact information can be found there, along with a website page specific to curly-leaf. 

Aitkin County Aquatic Invasive Species Summary - 2018                   

Click here to view the full report: Aitkin County Aquatic Invasive Species Summary - 2018

The report contains a summary and graph of inspections by lake or river, and a summary of the AIS budget. Approximately 20 boat landings throughout Aitkin County had inspectors present in 2018. ...Of the 250 AIS issues, 155 of them were for drain plugs being in upon watercraft arrival, 94 were plants, water, mud, etc. on the boat or trailer. Once again the busiest lake was Farm Island, with Big Sandy coming in 2nd, and Cedar in 3rd. More information in the full report.

DNR Invasive Species Program

Program Purpose

Curb the spread and minimize harmful effects of nonnative species that can:

  1. cause displacement of, or otherwise threaten, native species in their natural communities; or

  2. threaten natural resources or their use in the state.

Program Goals

  • Prevent introductions of new invasive species into Minnesota.

  • Prevent the spread of invasive species within Minnesota.

  • Reduce the impacts caused by invasive species to Minnesota's ecology, society, and economy.

Responsibilities… Click here to view the entire DNR invasive species program.

Aitkin County 2015 report on AIS Risk Management and Prevention

This report was received from Aitkin County and reports on AIS Risk Management and Prevention. The PDF contains over (90) ninety pages, due to having a one-page assessment report for (60) sixty Aitkin County lakes.

Pages 1-16 contain great information in regards to this AIS assessment. Page 31 has Farm Island Lake’s report, with pages 77 to-the-end having more overall information.

Note that the Lake Risk Assessment Summary on page 31 puts Farm Island Lake at a HIGH RISK.

Click here to view the report.

Greg Anderson report on AIS activities in Aitkin County and Farm Island lake:

AIS June 13, 2015

AIS December 31, 2015

2013 DNR Curly Leaf Pondweed survey

The DNR conducted a survey of the lake for curly leaf pondweed in June of 2013. 
Click here to view their report.

2009 DNR Farm Island Lake Aquatic Vegetation Survey

Click here to view the survey conducted to assess curly leaf pondweed abundance and distribution.

​Aquatic Weed Treatment Companies

FILIA  does not endorse these lake restoration companies.  This information is provided so you can contact the company and decide if this service fits your need.

  • Professional Lake Management

2509 Business Hwy 371

Brainerd, MN 56401

Toll Free: 1-866-OUR-LAKE

Phone: 218-270-3338

Click here to visit their website.  


  • Lake Restoration, Inc.

12425 Ironwood Circle

Rogers, MN. 55374


Toll free 877-428-8898

Click here to visit their website.

Videos on AIS Prevention

Minnesota Waters at Risk (AIS)     Length 10:57               Stop the spread of invasive species     Length 1:14               

Minnesota Waters At Risk (short version)  - Aquatic Invasive Species

Minnesota Waters At Risk (short version) - Aquatic Invasive Species

Play Video
Stop the Spread of Invasive Species

Stop the Spread of Invasive Species

Play Video

AIS Brochure                                                 4/21/2022

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How to identify zebra mussels

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